Awesome ness

Posted on Feb 28, 2006

So the past days have been ok. I have been practicing yoyo quite a bit and I think my finger has finally adjusted to the string trying to burn its way all the way through. I have also been watching a lot of Southpark at work. It plays nicely on my monitor allowing me to work while still enjoying the Southpark. Here is a list of episodes that everyone needs to watch: Casa Bonita, Professor Chaos, Free Hat, Asspen, AWESOM-O, and All About Mormons. They all make me laugh.

I hope that soon I will get some money so I can get some new magic learning stuff. I want to start learning mentalism and read minds. I think that this will actually add a lot to my acts, allowing me to freak people even more then some of the card tricks already do. I am hoping to someday go to Chicago and visit Harper and have someone film me whilst I walk around and do street magic tricks. I feel that if I where to do street magic while in my clown outfit it would be sweet, basically follow the same formula as David Blaine only cooler.

Also the new and improved clownsareawesome has been launched. Check it out. It rules. It is made using Joomla and a modified template. It is quite a bit of fun and very easy to use. I am planning on adding new information at least 3 times a week as well as get other clowns to contribute.

I am trying to learn more about PHP, it is so hard to understand, just when I think that I have got it, it tricks me making me frustrated. On the plus side I found an easy way to fix my father in laws site so that I can work on what I want.

This morning Sarah and I went to my dad�s shop to work on her metals project. We made jump rings, riveted stuff to other stuff, played with fire and generally had a good time. It is great to have Sarah in a class that I can help her with. I love metal, it is so much fun to build stuff out of.

I love Sarah a lot.