Mardi Gras

Posted on Feb 24, 2006

This weekend I will be performing at the special olympics mardi gras fund raiser in Denver. This is my second year doing this event and it should be fun. Sarah is coming along to take pictures and if I play my cards right possibly video some of it. It basically consist of walking around and entertaining. There will also be a face painter and other random entertainers.

Last year I did about 45 minutes of juggling in the main ballroom area and spent the rest of the time doing walk around. This year I am gong to bring the cards and use them during my walk around time. Maybe I will brinf my Yoyo and amaze people with my 10 yoyo tricks, we will see.

My juggling show usually consists of about 3 sections: Ball and Club Juggling, Other Props, Rolla-Bolla finale. I find that this order allows me to get warmed up on the Balls, impress with the Clubs, be funny with cigar boxes and diabolo, and then finish with the big dangerous trick. If I am feeling crazy I might bust out the knives, but who knows.

Last year at this event was the first time I was able to jump over my cigar boxes while holding them. Unfortunatly I hurt my leg doing it, however since then I have done it 30+ times and have it figured out it is just hard to get back. Getting back is where the funny is. That seems to be how my clown works, he impresses with skill and then messes up in the end. It works for every aspect of my juggling show.