What the plan is!!!

Posted on Jan 14, 2006

So i have some projects that I have been working on or will start working on.

  1. I will be working on this site, what I need to do is make the inventory page not a frame, but a stand alone inventory page.

  2. I have been working on these sites CAA, API and my store. I have been learning HTML and PHP so i have made forms and what not. So i have become addicted to computers and the web thanks to harper and tommy sunshine.

  3. I will be working on building a kitty condo for our cats. Mostly because the have been destroying out furniture for the past 3 years and at some point we might want some new furniture.

  4. I will be clicker training our cats.Why because I can. Soon they will be able to do tricks or at least not destroy stuff.

  5. I will start practicing the juggling a lot so I can become awesome, also I now have a video camera so i can vid my self and see what sucks.

  6. I will learn more magic tricks and become awesome at them.

  7. I will start to learn JAVA or some other computer related nerdery.

I will keep yall posted on these things