Posted on Sep 25, 2005

So yesturday I performed at the grand opening of the greeley Ice Haus. It was a lot of fun except for the couple times I tried to seriously injure myself.

The first time was while I was walking from my car to the Ice Haus I had already walked about two blocks when I stumbled and fell over. Luckily I have watched enough TV specials on the 82nd airborne and how they land when they parachute. it involves basically falling sideways and spreading the impact throughout you body. so as I was falling I twisted my body and tried to spread out the impact. It worked becasue today all of my body it sore.

The second time was after I had removed my stilts and I got the brigth idea to go ice skating. I was doing fine until I went to center ice to play with the young but good figure skaters. I wa asking them how to do stuff and they where showing me when I ate it good. Unlike falling on stilts falling on ice happens pretty fast. Basically your going along looking cool and then your dead. I fell prety much flat on my stomach and elbows and hands which further aggrevated my stilt woes.

All in all a fun time.

Sarah is so awesome.