Posted on Jun 22, 2005

So today I might have settled on a theme for my site. Maybe not. At work today I got a new supervisor who is closer to my office. My old supervisor was based out of Longmont and my new one is based out of Greeley.

After work Sarah and I went to the Armadillo for dinner, it was quite good. I had the Enchillada Dinner and Sarah had the enchillada ala crate and my rice and beans. When we got home I practiced juggling for a while.

First I rode my giraffe unicycle for about 20minutes and had half of a sucessful mount. Then I moved onto clubs and practice tricks that involve stalling the club somewhere on my body. Then I did my Cigar Boxes. I worked on balances and vertical tricks. I hope to get 6 more boxes soon. Nine box balance here I come.

Rock on.