New Site Up In Here

Posted on Jun 22, 2005

Alright so my site is looking better and better. I am starting to update more frequently and to try and make it awesome. I plan on creating a deadly underwater stuff resource page where you can go and scare yourself out of SCUBA diving. Also I am going to collect a lot of information on the near earth asteroid that is going to hit us in 8000+ days.

Clown wise I have quite a few gigs coming up, this friday I am doing a picnic for work and then on the 9th of July I will be at both Eaton and Lasalle days.

Sarah and I painted are room, here is what the critics are saying:
Well its….interesting_–Mike Ross

You know what, I like it– Nan Allen

This color is f**king sweet–Dylan Reed

Its a color called dark jungle, its a dark green and it is just fabulous.

Work is good, I just try to get everything done by the time the day is over. Mostly I do, mostly. Sarah’s job is her most favorite thing in the world. That might not be entirely true she might secretly love our cats more, but I’m not telling.

Ok everyone most vote for which clown face they like best A or B the difference is the wig, I need 10 votes by friday. comment to vote.