This sucks

Posted on Jun 14, 2004

So this weeks has been awesome so far. I know its only three days old how awesome can it be. First off on Sunday Sarah’s PT Cruiser decided that is didn’t really need to shift anymore. It decided this why we were going about 60mph on the highway. So we pulled over and stopped the car. I got out and took a look at the engine. Cuase that help, cause I have looked at a lot of engines in the past and automatically know what is wrong. we determine that it is broken and try to find a roadside assitance number. We search and search the car thinking hey this car is less then three years old it should still be covered under the warrenty. (not true but more on that later) So with no roadside assistance we call parents. Mine don’t answer, Sarah’s Dad is on a cruise, luckily Sarah’s mom answers and sarah talks to her about what went on with the car. Right after sarah gets off the phone a nice man stops and gives us a ride home.(sarah admitted later that she was sure this nice man was going to kill us for sure.) Once we were home i was able to find the roadside assitance number online which helped with me out since i have all sort of internet in sarah’s car. As I was talking to the roadside assitance people it came out that the warrenty had actually expired due to number of miles on the car. So we sat contemplating what to do, suddenly the phone rings and it is Bill sarah’s step father. He said that he would meet us at the car and that we should pick up some transmission fluid on are way. WE piled into my car and drove to wal mart cause though we hate them they do have everything (or do they). We get into wal-mart and wonder over to the automotive section and search and search and cannot find transmission fluid. we ask one of the super helpful sales associates. he directs us over to the transmission fluid and we still cannot find the right stuff. So we ask again this time for the specific type of fluid. I even asked if he could check if they really have the right stuff. He was kind enough to once again refer us to the automotive section, where we just were so that helped. we then went to sears. they didn’t have it so we ended up going to advanced auto parts and find stuff that would work.

to be continued later……