Stupid Greeley

Posted on May 29, 2004

So as most people know I am from Greeley Colorado. The same Colorado that has the worlds greatest Congresswomen. Unfortunaty this same lady hates gay people. And I mean HATES. I think that here passion for stamping out gay marriage borders on the insane. She a goverment representitive who you would think might understand about the seperation of church and state. In an editorial on her webpage she says “Accepting gay marriage as an equivalent to traditional marriage will create a crisis far more severe than any current danger marriage is facing. In particular, the vital role of marriage in raising children will be uprooted. Furthermore, the boundaries that define marriage will be forever blurred. Any imaginable relationship will be freed from justification. American society will be forced to accept any relationship, no matter what form it takes. One man and one woman would no longer be the vanguard. The attempt to deconstruct marriage and make same sex unions equivalent to traditional marriage must not be overlooked nor underestimated. This is a real and present danger that will undermine the foundation that makes the union between a woman and a man uniquely necessary." SHe has sponsored a bill that defines marraige as a union between a man and a woman. I feel that this is wrong because the most important reason peopel get married is LOVE, I know a weird idea and all bt thats why i am getting married. I recently read an interesting article on the opinion page of the greeley tribune that summed up my feelings on the whole ordeal.

Now how about greeley and were does it fit in the whole scheme of things. well for on greeley is typically a bunch of close minded conservitive bible thumpers. exemple of this here and here(on this last one you need to scroll down to read the awesomeness.) However there are some awesome people in greeley as well