I feel that i need to talk to people

Posted on May 22, 2004

Ir has been an interesting couple of days for me. Sarah has been gone in Alaska. She is on a cruise with her father. From what little i have gotten to talk to her i think that she is having a fun time. I have been having an ok time at home alone. I am sad that she is gone and cannot waituntil she gets home.
While she was gone I discoverd something wuite interesting about myself. I need human contact. without it i am sad. the worst part is that when sarah is out of ton i have no contact at home. I have no one to call when I gfet home and with idy being bus with school and such i was never sure if i would come hometo an empty house.
My parents have also been out of town visiting my aunt as she graduates with a masters in divinity from a school in iowa. they are gone again this weekend to chicago where hiromi, harpers roomate, graduates with a masters in art history from chicago institurte of art. good job both of you. On a lighter note harper has sent me a package from somewhere not india but somewhaere else. he won’t tell me what it is onlythat it is awesome. I can hardly wait. Sarahs b-day was on the 19th of may. that was last wednesday. she was unfortuanatly in alsaka on her b-day and i was unable to give her her b-day kisses. sad day. I applied for a shift supervisor position at a starbucks in denver laste last week and got called in for an interview on monday. i would have gotten the job if i only lived closer. alas stupid not being able to teleport. other then that everthing is fine. i was talking to myself the other day and i said " damn dylan you fine.”

ok joke time: i got this from my dad–> A guy walks in to the dentist to get a cavity filled. He tells the dentist “Doc, I cannot handle pain what can you do for the pain.” the docter says, “nomally we give shots >” the man turns pale and says” THat won’t work i am deathly afraid of needles.” the doctor states” thats ok we can just use the gas”. “Well that would work except I am deathly allergic to the Gas” the man says. the dentist thinks for a moment, then reaches in his pocket and produces two pills from a bottle. “Here” he says,” take these. “Are they pain killers?” the man asks. “No”, says doc, there viagra. I wanted to give you something to hold on to”