I was dead at the time.

Posted on Feb 25, 2004

So apparently I am really lazy. At least when it comes to my website and such. I thought today that I should continue this trend and not update for a long time. Then, since I don’t have to work today, I decided I would. Update my page that is. Since I last posted a lot has happend.

First, I gave up on writing about undersea creatures and things. Because I wanted to. Thats why. I will pick that up again in the future maybe on the side. I also had money troubles that led to another postponement of school. Oh i’ll get that Bachlors Degree one of these times just not yet. I am working a lot for the corparation. Yep I totally sold out so deal with it. Its funny for me to hear myself talk about me selling out since I was never really against selling out to begin with. The only person who has mentioned this selling out to me is harper, because he of course didn’t sell out. So I have turned into my father a little. NOOOOOOO!. Ok all that has happend is that I get annoyed if the house gets messy. I am really the Miss Suzy Homemaker doll with the Starbucks accessory pack. awesome. Its really not all that bad. The house looks nice and I get to play video games at night when it is clean.
Speaking of vido games, I have been playing the game Hitman 2:Silent Assasstion. This game is fun mostly because I cheat and make myself awesome. I also finally broke down and beat Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker It really wasn’t that hard to do it just took a while. I am now going to start again and make sure I do every thing in the game. I want to be this man, only how he was forty years ago. That man is blinky the clown. he was a staple of Denver as an entertainer with the blinky the clown show that was on the air for forty years. That is the job for me. I might call him at his antique shop in denver and talk to him about clowning. Apparently some girl in denver has protested the treatment of animals in the circus and has gotten a measure put on the ballot display of wild or exotic animals for public entertainment and amusement. This of course dosen’t apply to the national western stock show where cowboys lasso cows. that is for entertainment as well. check it out here Thats all for now.