Killer whales don't kill people

Posted on Feb 4, 2004


Okay while its true that killer whales have never been documented to have killed a human being, how do you think that they got named killer whales?? Probably a bad rep giving to them by old Captain Ahab:

_ Old Captain Ahab
His leg was just a stick
Mobys a dick of a whale
And Ahabs a whale of a dick_

_ Searching for that mighty whale
Is all that makes him tick
So he travels round the world
Searching for his dick_

Ok I’m done being silly now. This is something I got from here about there feeding habits:
_ The killer whale is an opportunistic feeder and that is reflected in the wide spectrum of prey species on its diet. It included a range of marine mammals, such as large baleen whales, including the blue whale and the humpback whale (Fl�rez-Gonz�lez, 1994), beaked whales, dolphins, porpoises, pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, elephant seals and walruses) and sea otters. There is also some evidence for cannibalism in killer whales. The diet also includes a large number of fish species, including sharks, herring, cod, capelin, halibut, mackerel, salmon and tuna. The killer whale also takes marine birds, especially penguins, and turtles as well as squid and octopus. See Hoyt (1990) for an extensive overview, with full references, of the killer whale diet._

As that states not only are they known as the “wolves of the sea” but they also have shown signs of cannibalism within there pods. It is possible that it is pod to pod warfare, or maybe fighting for an Alpha Orca position. Last year at diving school there was a class I took about dangerous sea creatures. My teacher, Scott Cassell, told us that if we are underwater, working or just hanging out, and saw a Orca to get out of the water as soon as possible. This man dives with dangerous animals all the time and he has a “feeling about killer whales. After telling us this, he proceeded to show us a video illustrating his points about them.

The video started out with the typical nature video intro showing and talking about seals. The video showed baby seals playing in the surf. Suddenly out of nowhere four orcas slide up on to the beach and snatch four of the baby seals. Then the pod of orcas started throwing the baby seals around, after they have had there way with the seals, they kill three of them and return the last seal to the beach not unharmed but alive. After that they diappear, pnly to return possibly the next day.

Now according to Harper none of yall believe that Killer whales are mean. I may not have proved that they are but if I am in the water and I see a killer whale I will get out and I suggest that you do the same. Also when you go to Sea World do not sit in the “splash” rows. Its only a matter of time until shamu two goes crazy and kills a bunch of tourists.