Bloody Movie and such

Posted on Jan 29, 2004

Do you know what is a bloody movie? The Patriot. I am watching it for a class. American History. We are supposed to watch one of a selection of movies and then analyze it for historical accuracy. It is fairly accurate I believe. There are parts that are hard to believe, such as the fact that so many of Mel Gibson’s kids are alive and that the african people working on his farm are not slaves. THis seems uncommen because at the time that this took place slavery was fairly widespread across all of the colonies. I found the portrayal of battle to be quite fascinating the way that they would charge charge charge and then encounter the other army and stop wait for the other army to fire. After numerous solders were shot then you could charge. That just seems like a bad plan. Another thing that I found hard to believe that Aunt Charlotte would own so much property and land. Since at that time men owned almost all land, I would think that her land however it was aquired would instead be owned by the oldest male relative of hers.
T i l k h s f n a a o o t l r w
Figure that out, think Julius Caesar