Posted on Jan 3, 2004

as i sit typing this i am using my ld imacs keyboard. this is becasue i am super awesome and i spilled soda on my laptops computer. after a frantic dimantaling and wiping i got it basically back to normal. however, it seems that some o the residual stick of the pophas remained. as such I am going to have to clean it again with a q tip and a lot of care. Whoopie.

Oh well. I am sitting at my parents house updating my site and watching tomb raider 2. I hope its good. the dvd cover says that it is better then the first so here goes. last night\this morning i watched fight club which i think is always a fun movie to watch.

Everyone should go see paycheck when it comes out the story is based on th philip k dick short story. the story like minority report is a great story needing only a touch from ho;;ywood. hopefully thats all they give it, a touch.

back to tomb raider the diving eqipment they are using in the opening sequence is awesome, animated shark however is kindof lame. I also hate lara crofts\angelina jolies aceent\voice in this movie so far. I love in movies when they do a slowmotion breaking the waters surface type shot. it rules

lara is such a greedy bastard. i lied i want the bad guys diver outfits

thats all

love dylan