New Clown

Posted on Nov 24, 2003

So I am starting to get back into clowning. I kind of stepped away from it for a while. I think that was mostly because i was in california and was really lazy. I have started once again to design a costume through pricilla mooseburger, however, I will most likely have my mom’s seamstrss friend make it. I am also going to try to get some professional clown shoes. Hopefully they will be the last pair i have to by for the next 6 or 7 years. I am thinking also of getting a new wig. I would like to get one made of yak hair becasue it is more realistic but alas I am having a hard time finding a yak wig. The great thing about yak wigs is you can style them just like real hair and dye them also. I am getting a new clown noseIt will most likely be the SC a medium nose that has an interesting shape. I might also get the TXL. I will probably keep the same makeup as before because it fits my face but i may try to design a tramp charector as well.
Another thing i am think about doing is starting a non-profit hospital clowning service working through banner health. I think that starbucks may give me the money i need to start it but we’ll hav to see. I hope i can find donation from other places as well. I figure i need like 2000 to start it up for supplies and also for a little more training. Ideally i would like to be able to liveoff of donations from hospital clowning. I feel that hospital clowns are needed in every hospital to bring all of the sick and injured a little bit of laughter. laughter may not be the best medicine but it sure helps.
On a much more fun note my dad gets to have open heart surgery. go dad. it appears that one of his heart valves is missing a leaflet so it is leaky. the funniest part is that it has nothing to do with smoking or drinking so go dad.
thanksgiving was this last weekend and fun was had by all. lots of juggling was done and I did some crazy eating of the apple. I alsoworkied with my spinning plate. I have finished my design for a balloon sniches the dr suess charectors where some have stars upon thars and some don’t. a great story with mr mcmonkeymcbean. you know that one. I have also perfected some of my unicycling. I am hoping to put together a one clown stage show by march and to go to moosecamp this year.
thats all.
sarah with majesty I LOVE YOU.