So Its Monday Again

Posted on Oct 20, 2003

So once again it is monday. Just a second ago i almost spelled “once” “wants”. I think taking notes al morning really messes with my head. Class are good and everything is fine. i have been working on my juggling a lot more and am hoping to get better at some of my more neglected props. goals are 5 balls, more tricks with clubs, balancing heavy stuff on my chin, head rolls, no longer juggling like a cripple, diabolo tricks as well as cigar box tricks. I hope to be able to put together a good show to present to b-day parties and also to do on stage. I am going to start a non-profit organization that will bring entertainers from other states to do presentations for rural schools and communities as well as hold juggling workshops. i think it will rock. the only problem is setting up non-profit status and then getting donations. I am hoping to make friends with the united way and possbly the colorado education people. I don’t really know how all that will work yet but hope to bring mark to colorado first as well as the jugglers. i will then contact other entertainers so i can bring them to colorado and possibly wyoming. My main area of focus is the schools around northern weld county as well as east towards burlington and lets not forget gilcrest and the other smaller schools around there. I hope to convince other jugglers and entertainers to help with getting donations possibly by street perfoming and putting tips towards the orginazation. I would also like to contact DUBE and Renegade about possibly donating juggling equipment to the goup to educate children in juggling.
So that is all i have thought of today.
Oh and harper when you come out we need to break me of my habit of saying RULE. Because right now everything RULES. I am not kidding i think sarah is going to beat me if i say something rules on more time. remeber sarah that nice girls say….
love to all