U N C you know

Posted on Sep 30, 2003

So school is funney for me. I enjoy waking around campus and seeing all of the people. The funniest thing for me is that some girls still get dressed up every day for school. why?? i sure don’t ut also i don’t really look that good in a skirt. speaking of skirts… why would you where a short short skirt (just below your but) and a winter coat?? i will never understand. ever. it isi also funny for me to learn geography. geography rcks. my professor Dr. Dunn is insane. He makes learning fun and educational.(as learning should be) I am still working at the fort of fun. it is ok. it would be better if i got free vidio games all the time. i played simpsons pinball on friday night it is an overall good inball game and covers everything simpsons. from rockewetships to aqwickeemart. i sometimes cannot spell very well. Ihad to right an essay in math class. it was cool i guess. i basically go t to rant on why i dislike the math class. so far i have tried to spell class-calls-calss it rcks. I got a 96 on my first math test. it was pretty awesome. so that is all

i love sarah
alot a lot