I need a JOB!!!

Posted on Aug 26, 2003

If anyone wants to give me a job in greeley that would be awesome.

So since that sux i will cry now.

ok not really

I have started school again and i am taking geography, philosophy,psychology and math. That means that this semester is going to be awesome. i mean really awesome.

on a lighter note i am reading bram stoker DRACULA. It is really really good. not scary yet but good. I erally enjoy how Bram stoker sux you right into the story and doesn’t let you go.

a note on that book is if you buy the edition bound in navy blue do not leave it in you car because the binding glue melts and all the pagfes fall off.

After Dracula I am going to read Chuck Palunachiks book LULLABY it is about someone who is investigating a bunch of episodes of SIDS ( sudden Infant Death) and learns that it is a lullaby with the power to kill that is killing all the babies. sweet.

i am selling stuff on ebay it is fun.


we are getting married in 375 days so everyone mark you calenders.