B+ Writing

Posted on Jul 24, 2003

Apparently I am a B+ writer. No matter how well I seem to write I always seem to get a B+. And I always get a B+ for the same problem: COMMA SPLICES. Now for those of you who don’t know a comma splice or CS is when you have to sentence fragments combined or spliced with a comma. I am unable to find these in my own writing. I am slowly getting better but it is an uphill battle. At the beginning of my schooling this summer my English teacher told my class to use the writing center for help. She suggested that we go into the writing center and tell the people there what they needed to look for. I went in with my last paper, Cheese Please, and asked the guy there to look for comma splices. He found a couple and I was able to fix them before I went to class. What frustrated me was that when I got my paper back my teacher had found not one or two comma splices but five. So Captain Writing Center had found only a few of these comma splices and since I trusted his judgment I got a B+. Well never again will I use the Writing Center at UNC.
After this had happened to me a spoke with a few of my class mates. It seems that quite a few of them went in to get spelling checked or the use of homonyms (there they’re their), and low and behold they both had spelling errors and homonym use wrong respectively. This seems to be a common trend at the writing center and it makes me wonder how they find the people to work there. I was talking to the professor who runs the writing center and she told me that in order to work at the writing center you have to get work study. So it appears that working there has nothing to do with academic ability it has to do with financial need. Does that make since? Oh I’m sorry even though you are a great writer and never have any grammar mistakes you cannot work here because your family makes to much money. WTF. I’ll never understand that.
On a lighter note I am having fun writing and also doing pretty good at school. Life is good I am in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. Everybody email HARPER and thank him for making my site cool.