New Movies...New Balloons...New Fun

Posted on May 18, 2003

I went and saw xmen2 about a week and a half a go and it was awesome. before passing judgement though i had to see matrix reloaded. it was good not as good as xmen but still good.
I recently got some new balloons for making balloons animals hpefully i can take some pictures to show everyone what i mean. i have some 160s(new) 260s(old) and som 636s (new) they are small medium and large in size so that is awesome
I have started jumping curbs on my unicycle it is pretty fun and it only hurts me some times. the farthest drop is about a foot and a half and i am still able to ride a way. idleing is going good and so is hoping. so what if i haven’t juggle in like 2 weeks unicycleing is much more cool. right?