After this break

Posted on Apr 14, 2003

Hello all and welcome back to the Dylan Show. On this episode we have an exciting show planned for you. To start off I will talk about my last week and then i will tell you about all the new stuff i have learned. To start off with since you last heard from me I had just had a wild adventure into the wilds of Wyoming. Well i am sorry to say that this last week just wasn’t as exciting. Work is slow so not alot of money to be had there. The only cool thing was friday i spent all day inside of a ten foot diameter pipe. yes inside. woo hoo. sweet. yippee. wish i was still there, that is how exciting it was. that was last week. also last week i practiced unicycling quite a bit. I can now idle like 10 times bfore i eat cement. It is funny because i spent so much time trying to do it and failing that yesterday i just thought it through and bam i did it 10 times first try. it was sweet. Thomas is getting bigger. for those of you who forgot who thomas is click here. that is all love everyone have good weeks. good bye