On The Road Again

Posted on Apr 2, 2003

Howdy Folks!
Its me, Dylan the wondering explorer. This last weekend I had a really exciting adventure in the the daring and crazy world of Trona mines. Trona is a substance used to create many fertilizers. It is also were soda ash comes from. I was working there for FMC (the biggest miner of trona in the world) What was I doing there you ask? I was de-magnitizing a router on a turbine engine used on there in house electrical generators. Now this trip was not without perils. First I had to venture in to the scary world of WYOMING (dun dun dunnnnnn). Rick, my boss, and I traveled with little thought to are own danger in to the inbreding wilds on southern wyoming straying only about 100 miles north of Utah. After and exhausting day of reading Player Piano while rick drove we ended up in Rock Springs WY. Home of Whorehouses and a Motel 8. Luckily Motel 8 had a vacancy. We ventured out shortly after ariving to hunt the rare buffet!Shortly after eating we were tired so we retired to a nice evening of sleeping and reading (Bluebeard). We awoke at the Crack of dawn to venture further west towards green river and the mine of DOOM. We arrived in relitive safty since it was a Monday and most of the hicks were still drunk from church. We safely demaged the router and were gone before the great hoe-down started.
Hope you enjoyed my story
love dylan