Snow and Work

Posted on Mar 21, 2003

Hello. its me again. i know what am i doing writing again so soon. so this week in colorado it has been crazy. it snowed like hell had frozen over. we got more snow in a few days then i have seen in a couple of years. nevermind the fact that one of those years was spent almost exclusivly in Long Beach. so anywho. since there was at least a foot of snow on the ground this week and most of ft collins and denver were both shut down i havn’e worked since monday. a nice rest, but alas no workies no monies. so tonight at 11pm i have to be at the shop to pick up a gamma ray camera containing a pill(small amount) of iridium 192 to use to take pictures of concrete. that will go from about 11pm until 2or3 am so yeah for me. woohoo.tired already. i enjoy the snow because it is fun to drive in and makes lots of puddles, but people need to learn how to drive in the snowy conditions. today i saw 3 car accidents that basically shut down a whole road. it was rediculous. also people in ft collins are rude on the road. i am used to Cali were people were curteous enough to let you in in you were merging not here however. also 4 way stops in the fort are a try to fit as many people going on way through no matter who got there first. well the cat is great see picture last post. more to come. i love sarah and mom and dad and harper and thomas