Hi everyone Sorry that it

Posted on Sep 3, 2002

Hi everyone

Sorry that it has been so long since I have written. My site wouldn?t let me post and I can?t get a hold of Harper. I have been busy with school and work. This will probably be the only post until next Sunday because I am training all this week. I have been working about 20-30 hours a week and going to school and doing homework, LOTS AND LOTS OF HOMEWORK. This weekend my roommate got the network adapter for his PS2; he has been playing it a lot it is funny to watch. Also this weekend Sarah and Joanna moved into their house, it was stressful but I think it all worked out ok. Last weekend I saw XXX it was really cool. The effects and stunts where so cool. Vin Diesel is such a bad ass. I also saw Austin Powers 3 again. It was funny again. The way that they were able to spoof themselves was hilarious. Tonight I watched the movie the sweetest thing with Cameron Diaz. It is a pretty funny movie. I am enjoying school a lot. We are finishing up MT and PT this week and then next week we are going to start UT. I hope that everyone is well and good. I am putting most of my CDs on my computer, that is taking a long time but it allows me to use my computer as the ultimate stereo. That is all for now. Sarah I love you a lot and miss u a lot. Joanna and Sarah congratulations on moving into your house. Mom and Dad I love you and miss you. Harper Thx for my ticket. I love you. Bye