FUN TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on May 20, 2002

Hello. I had a fun week this last week. It all started Monday. I went to welding school. It was fun, I got to cut with an oxy- acetelyn torch (bring on the safes) and I got to work on my bead with 7018 rod. When I got home from welding I though it would be fun to play a little basketball. Randy (my roommate) and I played 4 games one on one. I won the last one. Then my other roommate Josh and my friend from school Waylon came out and we played Randy and I vs. Waylon and Josh. Randy and I won. Then a couple of High school students came out and we played 3v3. During this game I succeeded in rolling my right ankle. It sucked. I then soaked my ankle in the pool for 15min and then the hot tub for 15min for about 2 hours. The next day I got up and went to school. I explained to the MASTER DIVER that I had hurt my ankle so he sent me to the local free clinic to get an x-ray. 2 hours later I got to see a doctor. He looked at my ankle for about 5 seconds and then sent me back to the waiting room for 30 more minutes to wait for an x ray. After that he looked at my x ray said I was fine and sent me on my way. Since I couldn’t drive I had gotten a ride from one of my classmates, which meant that I had to wait for my ride to come back and pick me up. That took another 45 min. When I got back to school I had to get in my wetsuit and in the water to make up for lost dive time. I did a dive in the band mask and did pneumo breathing. That means that your air is cut off and so you have to stuff your pneumo hose (a hose used to gauge depth using air pressure) in to your helmet. You say, ?Diver lost primary shoot the pneumo?. You then stuff it up into your helmet and breathe. After I did it on the band mask I had to surface and go straight to the superlite 17b. Oh did I mention that you have to pneumo breath on you r stomach on your back and upside-down. When you get upside down water rushes into your helmet, which sure is fun. I realize that this doesn?t sound to bad but just wait. On weds I just kind of chilled and let my footrest. On Thursday I went to school and we had to do what are called ditch and dons. This means that you go under water wearing a helmet and then take it off and put it back on three times in ten minutes. It is fun, really. I was the first person to go in on the superlite 17b. It kicked my butt. I couldn?t do it I was in the water for 10 min and I got it off three times and on two times, doh! The next helmet is the band mask; it is simple because it is a soft hat. You just rip it off and force it back on I did it in about 3 minutes. Then I moved to the miller. The miller is a big brass hat. It is heavy, as in 1\5 of my body weight. (I might have exaggerated earlier when I said it weighed 60 but never mind.) It has a neoprene and brass neck dam. The helmet itself has two cams, one on each side, you have to align the neck dam and then cam it up. It is hard on the surface but is cake underwater. It took me 5 min. I then got to go back to the superlite and try it one more time. It took me 4 min this time. I then celebrated by doing a flip under water and yelling a lot. Thursday night I went home and went to sleep. I woke up late on Friday. That was my week. I got an A in my class and will remain on the dean?s list for another class. My next class will be the sat barge where class start at 2:30 am on Tuesday and 1:30 on Thursday Sweet. I had a lot of fun this week. I love you Sarah and Harper and mom and dad and everyone else. Peace out?. Heehee. Pictures to come.