It finally works

Posted on Feb 26, 2002

Hey everyone my log finally works. Sweet!! I am in California in case you didn’t know. I am going to dive school at the College of Oceaneering, I am studying to be an advanced hyperbaric technician and plan to work in a hospital setting. Right now I am in a class called rigging or bosuns skills. Basiclally it is a class that teaches about knot tying and forklift driving, as well as other useful skill if you were on a boat. My last class was called physics and physiology and it covered the dangers of commercial divers and the different kinds of barotrauma (trauma caused by great pressures). My teacher for that was Scott Cassell who is a crazy diver who I think is pretty cool. He dives and films dangerous animals and gets attacked by them. Sweet!! My teacher for Rigging is Scott Young. He is pretty cool, He is a pretty gruff old seaman. He has also done some pretty crazy stuff. I go to school on tues and thurs and work mon, weds and fri. On weekends I am planning on doing some street performing in venice beach. This weekend I am going home to visit family and friends and to celebrate my 21st birthday. Yipee!! Hey Sarah I Love You A Lot!!!. Anyway check back often I’ll try to update this at least once a week. email me at [email protected]. thanks.