It has been two years since I posted

Posted on Jan 29, 2023
tl;dr: Had a I work in web3

This post has been a long time coming. At the beginning of 2021 I was working in healthcare in the middle of a global pandemic. It was super fun, as you might imagine. I have generally been a positive person, but it was taking its toll and I went to a dark place. With the support of my awesome partner I took FMLA for a month, I got help (and medication). When I went back, I was in a better place but the work was no longer for me. So I needed something else.

My brother has been trying to get me to work in tech forever. He loves and thinks that everyone else should love it. As a younger sibling of a tech genius I never felt like I belonged. I know that comparison is the thief of joy, but with a brother like Harper the comparison is strong. Prior to losing my mind, he told me about NFTs and I made a few (really dumb) NFTs on opensea. Once I left my job permanently he told me I should jump into NFTs as it was relatively new tech and it could be fun.

So I jumped.

Almost two years have passed since I had a mental breakdown and thought about ending it all and I still work with NFTs. I have been lucky to work on some amazing projects with my company, nervous, as well as work with amazing people on amazing projects during my time at V3. The whirlwind of the last two years is still spinning as I wake up everyday and feel incredibly blessed. It hasn’t been perfect, but it has been interesting.

Working in an emerging tech field has been wild. Web3/NFTs have all the problems of a new technology and peoples money. There are scams and hacks that turn people away, the market crashed and scared a bunch of people away, but the people who are building this new future are still here and they are building cool stuff.

I am just happy to be a part of it.