The year that was

Posted on Jan 4, 2021

2020 was a real piece of shit.

As easy as it is to focus on how awful the year was I am going to try and not do that. Here are awesome things that happened this year.

We bought a house. In the last quarter of 2019 we started building a house. Actually the nice builder we were giving money to built it. January 2020 we put out Greeley house on the market and sold it in less than a week of it being on the market. We had a panicked month of finding an apartment in Loveland and packing, but we made it. Then the Pandemic started to be an issue. Sarah was furloughed a week before we closed and we got moved into our new house (from the apartment) a day before the world was shut down. We moved and we are enjoying our new location close to works.

We hung art. Harper sent us a bunch of fun art and we hung it up. Which has made our new house feel more like a home. We have also started making the house what we want it to be. This has been tricky because it is hard to find furniture when you can’t go to stores to look at it.

My dad is still alive. He had an infection, had to have two valves replaced, and had to have emergency heart surgery a week after his first not quite emergency heart surgery. It was insane and stressful, but the family made it through it. My dad even spent a couple weeks doing rehab at my work, which was weird. But he made it though it all and is doing great.

We got a Peloton. It is totally not a cult. We have been exercising five days a week, which is a significant improvement. Hilariously, us getting a Peloton led Harper to getting one as well. We are now PeloBros. It has been great to start getting back into shape and the classes are quite fun.

This is a little covid related. We made it through the 2020 without catching Covid. Working at a nursing home this has been a little scary. I fear catching it out in public and then giving to the elders. I also fear someone else bringing it into the community and catching it from them. I have been lucky in that I have been tested every week since the middle of march.

2021 - The year of Habits.

I am really bad at habits. Part of it is that my ADHD makes it hard, part of it is that habits are hard for everyone, and part of it is that I am real lazy. But that is what I am going to try to get better at this year. Starting good habits. A couple I am starting out trying to build is meditation, writing, and exercise. I am using everyday to track my habits. Fingers crossed it keeps me motivated and on top of my habits.

I am also trying to increase my productivity. I am trying out Owaves to track/plan my day. This has been a tricky thing for me in the past because I get distracted so easily. I am hopeful that Owaves is visual enough that it keeps me on top of my day to day.

The last thing I am trying for this year is: Hobbies. I am taking the time to enjoy my hobbies and remember that they exist for fun. So many of my hobbies, and there are a lot, are creative focused and I want to be successful at them. Sometimes I forget that being successful is just completing the project, not making money or getting recognition.

Good luck to everyone in 2021. We can make it through this together.