April 2017

Posted on May 1, 2017

Back yard Lilacs

I didn’t get as many books read as previous months. At first I thought it was because my motivation to read had left me. But it turns out that life has gotten a lot more hectic and I keep adding to my hobby time.

Being on ADHD meds has really upped my productivity in some areas, but it has made other things more difficult. Writing ha become an interesting hobby because I am more likely to plan instead of just write by the seat of my pants. I am still learning the best way to do that.

My brother in law got me Warhammer: Age of Sigmar for my birthday. It is a problem because Warhammer is one of those games I am fascinated with. Previously I had worked on a Skaven army but assembling them was a pain in the ass. They were on square bases and you had to make sure they could stand together as a unit.

Age of Sigmar seems to be a little easier to assemble and I like that you can now play any combination of army within the different factions. So a dwarf, elf, lizard people army is now a thing.

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