January 2017

Posted on Feb 1, 2017

Ramona on her yellow footstool.

I am seven books through my sixty book yearly goal.

But then my dad got sick. An infection that spread forcing him to endure multiple surgeries and wound care. Needless to say this kicked my ass. I have been known to be emotional and when someone I love is injured or sick I do not handle it well.

My dad getting sick got me thinking about when Sarah was sick and what a hard time I had dealing with that. It drug up a lot of emotions and stopped me from producing. I wasn’t writing or sewing, just sitting around.

And drawing is back. I started doodling during inktober and have remembered how much I love drawing. And because I don’t have enough projects going I think I will start posting more of my drawings.

I have also started blogging a lot more. Weekly posts, bow tie project, book reviews and a monthly post. So much blogging, and now it is at dylan.blog, which is awesome.

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