Week Three

Posted on Jan 18, 2017

Week Three - Dylan looking insane at the end of a panoramic of Wellington NZ

So, .blog is a thing. I don’t even know what it means and I am still very excited. My blog has had a few addresses over the years.

It started at dylanreed.org, and then moved to dylanreed.com. When I started writing fiction I needed an author page, so the blog got sent to fancycadaver.com so that I could use dylanreed.com as my author page.

Soon this blog will be moving to dylan.blog (I hope). Stay tuned.

I also transitioned from wordpress to github pages. The transition was not as smooth as it could have been, but now that I have learned the tricks and what not, it is a lot easier.


This week has been a mix of crazy and fun. I started making curtains for our guest bedroom, as well as sewing a bow tie (or two). The curtains are almost difficult to sew because they are so big compared to the bow ties.

My reading goal of sixty books this year is going well. I finished book four yesterday and started book five. I got volume 12 of CHEW as well. I am conflicted because I have a list of books I want to read this year and CHEW isn’t on it. And since it is the last book in the series I want to reread all of them first.

Instead I will be responsible and follow my list. If I get my five books done in the month, then I can start reading CHEW. That way I can stay on track and also read what I want.

I also found one of my old projects for a text based adventure. So now that is distracting me from my writing… or maybe I am just lazy.

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