Week Two

Posted on Jan 11, 2017

Week Two - Dylan looking insane at the end of a panoramic of Wellington NZ

Week two of the new year. WooHoo!!! We made it!!!

This week has been filled with writing, planning, and bow tie-ing. Because I know who I am and what I am about I am trying to set myself up for success this year. And the only way I know how to do this is by buffering and scheduling.

I am attempting to create a buffer for my serial so when I get stuck I am able to take the time I need to find my way. The other half of that is scheduling my weeks and what they look like in the world of writing.

This is going to be a big writing year. I hope to finish a lot of projects as well as blog consistently. That means that the words I post here take away from the words I can write on projects.

That isn’t a bad thing.

I find that if I don’t do some sort of free writing before working on a project, I end up writing poorly for that session. Having this blog and multiple projects allows me to get that out of the way and to share my thoughts on stuff… and things.

If you haven’t gotten involved yet and want a bow tie from the Bow Tie Project, here is the form you can fill out.

I have been having a lot of fun making bow ties, and wearing bow ties. They are fairly simple to make, and that allows me to focus on making them as nice as possible. I made my first batwing bow tie and it is pretty cool.

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