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Posted on May 4, 2016

You may remember my NaNoWriMo triumph. I was excited because I had written my first novel. I was pleased with it, I let people read it and received positive feedback. Going through what I had written, I removed some things, but otherwise left the manuscript unchanged.

Thanks to Harper, I was able to get in contact with a couple authors as well as an agent. Through these connections I learned a very important lesson. Writing is easy, rewriting is hard.

I had been planning on releasing Calliope and the Rogue Biologic for the Kindle on April 1st. After my discussions I decided that rushing the release would kill the book and I didn’t want to do that. So I shifted focus.

I read Calliope again. And made lots of notes. I studied story structure and plotting. I outlined my entire novel and laid it out in scrivener. I then went through my original manuscript and found where I could plug in the scenes that I loved.

Camp NaNoWriMo happened in April and that is when I decided to rock out my rewrites. The concrete goal of finishing by the end of April help motivate me and was a positive step forward.

And guess what? My story is better. I found an editor who I am actually paying to edit my manuscript to make it as perfect as possible (and you can help pay for it). I now spend my time waiting on the edits to comeback and am reading a lot of new books.

Part of my writing practice has been The Correspondent. This project started out years ago when I wanted to write a superhero story. I had almost an entire notebook full of ideas of what I wanted to happen but felt that I would never complete such a large project. I even attempted to do it a while ago and failed.

This attempt has gone a lot better. I built up a buffer of posts )and set them to auto-publish. Once I finished the first arc I edited it and have put it on Amazon so you can read the whole Origin on your kindle.

Reading the early posts vs. the more current ones is interesting because my writing ability has grown.

In fact, I should be writing the next episode of The Correspondent right not… But I am suffering from a little bit of fiction burnout. I pushed so hard finishing the rewrites that I am now unable to think in terms of story. It is pretty sad. Here is hoping that I start blogging more often and with more interesting things.

Thanks for reading.

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