New Sites

Posted on Dec 7, 2015

You may have noticed that things have changed around here. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided I need to divide things up a little bit. As I attempt to write more and possibly sell those writings I felt like I needed a place to just write whatever. So that is here.

I moved all of my posts from (I of course mean that Harper did this) and will be blogging here from now on. will become a more professional type site that will hopefully lead to people buying my books. I thought having a author like presence on the web would be good since there is an erotic fiction writer name Dylan Reed on Amazon, who is much more prolific then I.

I have also decided that it is time to really focus on writing. I currently have momentum in my daily writing so the trick will be keeping it. This is a common problem for me, I get momentum and then peter out as time goes on. There was a time where I blogged everyday, it was fun and hard at the same time. I would like to get back into that.

Part of this is trying to get paid for this. I have given up on ads. This blog is never consistent with content, I write about what I want when I want, so ads that were served were always dumb. So instead I am going to try out Patreon. I have done my best to come up with fun rewards but honestly I just want people to join if they are interested in what I am writing.

I am also using jekyll for both websites which means for now there will be no comments. On the plus side jekyll is super slick and easy to use. I have been able to rebuild to by an author site. Oh and The Three Fs is currently on promotion for free on the site.

Another thing I am going to be doing is not posting as readily on medium. I will instead post writing here. I may cross post to medium if I can figure out an easy way to do that.