Posted on Jan 2, 2015

So… remember that post where I said I was going to stop blogging and write more… That didn’t happen.

I meant for it to happen and I did alright for about a month. Then life got busy, a new job happened and writing time disappeared. I have been trying to get back into writing again but it is tricky to find time. Which, I know, is the lamest excuse ever.

But I am back to blogging. I seem to produce the most consistent amount of writing when I blog. It gives me a chance to say what I want and clears my mind for other projects. For instance: I am going to sew a lot more this year. And the focus of said sewing will be craftsmanship. Also Sarah and I are starting The Pie Project, which is making one pie a week for a whole year.

I am going to keep writing as much as possible and probably have too many projects going at one time as usual. My plan is to write a short post (like this one) every day. Something that is less then 500 words and nothing to crazy or profound. I will then spend time writing something longer and posting it on medium.

I think this will allow me to use this space for more personal reasons while allowing me to focus some energy on producing quality writing elsewhere. Not that I am going to give up on quality here, I am just not going to be writing any long form pieces on this site.