The Year That Was

Posted on Jan 1, 2015

In a lot of way 2014 sucked. The first part of the year specifically. We had a fun Christmas 2013 in Chicago and then when we arrived home we noticed that Thomas was acting weird/skinny/not eating. We took him to the vet and turned out he had fatty liver. So we fought that. Feeding tubes and cash seemed to help that problem. We took him to the vet to have the feeding tube remove and get the trouble making teeth pulled and everything was good. Or so we thought.

We thought wrong. Turns out that Thomas had gained some cancer during everything else. He was going to die. They could give us treatments that would maybe give him another year but there wasn’t anything that was going to bring him back. It was over and we were broken. We chose to save Thomas the pain of cancer and had him put to sleep. It sucked more than I have been able to express. It wasn’t the end of the world but it felt like it.

Then Ramona happened. She is the greatest kitty we could ask for and has done amazing things to the healing that Sarah and I both needed. She snuggles with us and is silly all the time. And it shows us that everything happens for a reason. I am so thankful for Sarah being supportive of my want of a purebred cat and also for reminding me about Winston and the amazingness that is exotic shorthairs. This was the beginning of the awesome six months of 2014.

Sarah and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in September continuing our streak of kicking marriages ass. Sarah is still my best friend and I am lucky to wake up next to her every morning and go to sleep next to her every night. She supports me in everything I want to do and I try my darndest to do the same. Also today is the 15th year anniversary of our first date because we are awesome.

In October I started a new job as a Life Enrichment Coordinator at an assisted living facility. It is awesome. I am basically a cruise director on land. I help plan and run activities ranging from Bingo to Bocce ball to Trivia. It truly is the perfect job for me and I enjoy everyday of it.

Lets hope that 2015 has no horrible plans for us and that we can continue on a streak of awesomeness. Have a great 2015 everyone.