National Pride and the Luge

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The Olympics start today. I love the olympics. The olympics were one of the events that my family would rent a TV for. I loved watching all of the events and listening to Bob Costas commentate. Now that I am an adult I still love the olympics but it is a lot more focused. I would probably watch every event and love it but since I have real responsibilities now I am unable to do that. Also I don’t have regular TV so that makes it a little harder, unless netflix or hulu is streaming them…

At the Summer olympics it is all about gymnastics. I love all things gymnastics. It always amazes me to see what amazing things they can do on all the different apparatuses. Also I used to do tumbling and coach gymnastics so I have an idea of how hard things are. I watch other events in the summer olympics but I am not as hooked as I am on gymnastics.

At the Winter Olympics there are a lot more events that I like watching. Figure Skating is number one. My mom and I used to watch them together all the time. I remember when Nancy Kerrigan got Tonya Harding’d. So much drama.

The Winter Olympics have more danger. A majority of the events I like to watch involve sliding down an icy hill on skis, bobsleds or luges. This is insanity at its best. The luge was always my favorite, those people are crazy.

Growing up we had a camp bed/cot thing. The mattresses was orange with green and yellow stripes. It was one of the things we would get out when it was time to watch the olympics. And honestly it was an imaginary luge for a long time. Harper and I would take turns leaning into the turns. I am pretty sure we also played two man bob sled with it as well.

What is sad about the olympics now that I am older is that they have become filled with a lot of negativity. Instead of being an international celebration of sportsmanship it has become an international celebration of potential terrorism and homophobia.

Russia is a pretty homophobic place according to news that I have read. Apparently that is a big deal. I have heard a lot of people talk about how horrible it is and how we should boycott the games because of this. And part of me agrees. However we need to look at the fact that there are more states that do not allow gay people to get married then those that do. In fact overall I would say that we, as a country, are as bad as Russia.

Sure Obama has spoken out for gay marriage whereas Putin seems to be dead set against it. We almost had that same thing here. If Romney would have won do you think gay rights would have gone as far forward as they have?

Another thing I am tired of hearing about is how Sochi is a terrorist hotbed, or next to a terrorist hotbed. Isn’t everywhere near a terrorist hotbed? Sure we don’t have the Taliban blowing up stuff near us but we are north of one of the most violent places in the world. We are north of a place that the citizens have formed militias to fight against the cartels because the government won’t.

I bet those Mexican citizens wish they had oil so the great USA would come and blow up the bad guys and help them make our systems work for them. I can’t wait for the Rio olympics. No terrorists just millions of poor people. To me that seems like a fixable problem. A problem that should be brought to the attention of the rest of the world. I wonder if the poverty of Rio will get the same amount of press as the terrorists in the mountains near Sochi.

All that aside I am excited to see what these olympics bring. We have some good figure skaters who should do good and there are always the host countries new events which are fun to watch. Also dudes on boards sliding down icy pipes. Awesome.

Everyones assignment, especially those without TV is to watch Cool Runnings and The Cutting Edge. It will get you in the mood for the olympics.