Posted on Feb 4, 2014

We are having a real winter in Colorado for the first time in a while. We have snow on the ground for extended periods. Normally it just snows and then melts the next day. Because of this a lot of people don’t know who to drive in snow. I thought I would try to break it down into three easy tips.

  1. Drive slower- Notice the -er at the end of slow. This means that your speed needs to reflect the road conditions. It doesn’t mean that as soon as it snows you need to go five miles per hour everywhere. Because this makes your fellow drivers annoyed and angry. When it has stopped snowing and is still cold remember that there is sneaky ice under all that snow. There is no need to rush around because sense there is snow on the ground people understand if you are running late.
  2. All Wheel Drive- Know what that means. It means that you have better traction on ice and snow because all your wheels are going. It does not mean that you stop faster it just means you can drive faster. See number one about going slower. Also for all those people who lift their cars: we are all impressed by the size of you vehicle but please re-aim your headlights and think about how having your vehicle lifted does not make you stop any faster then me and my non-lifted car.
  3. Lanes, they still exist: I know that all that white stuff has covered them up and makes it confusing but a four lane road still has all four lanes. If you straddle the lanes you will not make any friends. Also the turn lanes still exist, please use them when you are turning. Speaking of turning: remember to use your turn signals so other drivers know what in the world you are doing when you slow down in an intersection.

These three things are simple and should keep us all safer and allow us to go about our business without crashing. If you don’t feel comfortable driving in the snow, don’t. Or take the time to practice on non-busy streets. Thanks.