As I walk Through the Shadow of Thanksgiving

Posted on Dec 2, 2013

I shall fear no evil.

How was that for a fantastic title. This year Sarah and I hosted her family for Thanksgiving. It was our first Thanksgiving in our new house and it was amazing. We made everything: Turkey, stuffing, green beans, a can of cranberry sauce cut into hearts and mashed potatoes. Everything turned out amazing. Oh and did I mention that we, and by we I mean Sarah, made a pecan, a pumpkin and an apple pie. Because that is how we roll.

It was nice to see Sarah’s family and share some super tasty food with them. I don’t like to brag, thought as you all know is not really true, but our turkey was the best turkey that has ever been made. Seriously. I cannot exaggerate enough about how good it was. I imagine that when Jesus cooked a turkey for the first Thanksgiving before giving the Native people smallpox blankets, his turkey couldn’t even touch ours.

And the pies!!! Sarah’s makes delicious pies. The pumpkin was a pumpkin custard pie… did you read that last word CUSTARD!!!! It is amazing. I am pretty sure that when pumpkin pie was invented this is what they meant to happen. It is creamy and delicious and I think I personally have eaten most of it. I don’t share pumpkin pie very well. It is pretty much my pie. Sarah also made a pecan pie which I didn’t eat because of the previously mentioned pumpkin pie but I heard good things about it. The apple pie is baked in a brown paper bag, which means it is extra delicious. This is Sarah’s pie of choice for the holidays. Sadly we only have one slice of each left for dessert tonight. :(

After the success of our Thanksgiving my family came over for desserts for dinner and board games. Harper brought Wits and Wagers and some super complicated that involved strategy and reading. So we play Wits and Wagers. It was a lot of fun. It involves guessing numbers. What year was the first appearance of Mickey Mouse? Then everyone bets on which guess is probably closer. Then the answer is revealed and winning happens, or in my case you watch other people collect chips while slowly crying about how bad you are at winning.

Saturday was my families usual crazy Thanksgiving extravaganza. It was toned down a little bit because everyone was tired. A bunch of people came over and hung out. After eating I had to head to downtown Greeley and do some juggling prior to the start of the parade of lights. I did my usual street show but without the begging for tips, though I think I would have cleaned up. It went well with the fire juggling making everyone explode with glee.

Sunday was nice. We got to meet our nephew for the first time. He is a super chill little dude of about three months. We had brunch with Sarah’s sisters and then headed to meet my family for some japanese food and to say good by to Harper and Hiromi. Sarah and I headed home and decided to go and see Catching Fire. Because nothing ends a week with family then a sad movie about how horrible the future could be.