Project Finished

Posted on Nov 30, 2012

I finally finished building a foam puppet… It only took me a couple years to get it done. Now I want to build another one with what I learned from this one. It is quite a bit of fun and not that difficult if you aren’t afraid to do a little experimenting.

Things I would change:

  • Make him bigger. My hand/arm barely fit.
  • Do something different with the eyes. Like sink them into the skull a little bit. Also better pupils
  • I had a really hard time with the mouth. But I figured out the best way to do it… I think
  • Add a tongue. All that red is crazy.
  • Arm rods
  • Hand sew the whole thing, because I am just that hardcore.
  • Try and get away from the knock off muppet look.

I’ll try again soon. May need to get some more foam. I was mostly just winging it this time and so I used stuff I had lying around. I want to do a little more planning next time and build an awesome puppet.