Yippee!!! - 3D

Posted on Apr 16, 2012

As I posted here I have a crush on the Nintendo 3DS. As luck would have it I now have one. I got the blue-ish one and I love it. I have Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario Land 3D. I am enjoying both of them a lot and find the 3D to be more then just a fancy gimmick. What I like is that you can turn it off if it hurts your brain or if you are going to be moving a lot while playing.

So far I have played the most of Mario Kart 7. It is what you would expect of a Mario Kart game. Mario characters in Karts racing around tracks. There are a lot of new tracks as well as some old ones. What is really fun with this Mario Kart is the inclusion of gliders and underwater portions on courses. Nintendo even took the time to update the older courses to include these features. I also enjoy unlocking different Kart parts that let you modify the Kart to fit your style of play.

Where it really shines is the multiplayer. It is online and the few matches I have played have been a lot of fun though I usually get my ass kicked. Hard. Just like when I play Modern Warfare online I am a middle of the pack person. I do enjoy playing though.

Super Mario 3D Land is also fun… but not as much as it could be. I am not an expert platformer. I need all of the lives I can get, but seriously mario there is no reason a mediocre player should have over 100 lives with out using some sort of 100+ lives trick. Which I haven’t.

They have made it easy to get lives which I would fully support if the difficulty of the games required a lot of lives to be used. But this game is sadly not that hard. Plus if you die too many times the game gives you an invincible tanooki suit. You have the choice to not use it but lets be honest, everyone wants to wear a white and gold raccoon suit that makes you impervious to damage. I am sewing myself one as we speak.

Also the addition of the boomarang suit is ok but I haven’t found a place that it is better then a fire flower. The Ice Flower from The New Super Mario Bros. Wii at least gives you platforms to stand on to use to get to other areas. Or in Super Mario Galaxy there was the bee suit… which is a bad exemple… But the mini mushroom or giant mushrooms for the DS version of Mario are awesome. Boomerang suit is not awesome.