Posted on Apr 11, 2012

I love meeting with people who know what they are talking about. The people who are so focused in their field that they can answer any question you have or point you in the proper direction. I will never be one of those people.

The beauty of not being one of those people is being able to use those people to the fullest. I have a general understand of many things and I understand what people much smarter then me are talking about because of that. And since I am interested in almost anything I always learn something. I am lucky that way.

Having not finished my college education I have yet to focus on learning one specific thing. Because that is what college is truly about: Focus. You pick you degree and you learn everything you can in four years of studying whatever it is that you love… or like… or think will get you paid the most. Even if you get a General Libral Arts Degree you are still asked to focus in one area. To concentrate in one area. Why is that?

Do we truly need everyone to be hyper focused in a specific area to have the world succeed? I don’t think so. I think certain areas of study require a specific focus, like medecine. But if you just want to have a bachelors degree so that when you fill out an application for a job you can put down that yes you completed at least four years of college and have a piece of paper saying you did that, should you have to focus?

I am a learner. I like to learn all sorts of interesting crap. That is why I went to commercial diving school (also to escape living at my parents house) and also why I studied art. Because of all things that you can study in college, and I have tried a lot of them, Art is the one the encourages learning and not memorizing. I am sure it is the same in creative writing but other then that most of the classes I experienced during my 10+ years of trying college have been about memorizing facts, regurgitating facts and then doing it again at a harder level the following semester. Which is stupid.

I understand that in order to excel at science you need to understand some basic fundemental rules/laws/whatever they are called. But do I need to spend an entire semester learning them again when they were covered in my high school A.P. bio class? Honestly, at this point 10+ years from high school… probably. But when I took college algebra when I was 19… nope.