2012: A Fitness Odyssey

Posted on Apr 1, 2012

So apparently I have let my self go… physically. I have hopefully topped out at 170 lbs and I am not necessarily proud of my belly. So I am going to make it disappear.

Here is the plan: Yoga at least 4 times a week. Jog at least 10 minutes 4 times a week(and increase that to 20 minutes next month, etc.) I am also going to do some sort of push-ups or sit-ups every week day.

That was the original way this post started out. I was doing the very American “I have to get in shape for the new year” thing. It didn’t work. I jogged once… it was really hard and I regretted it for days. I also have avoided sit-ups and push-ups like the plague. I have gone to Yoga 4 times a week since January 2nd though.

What is important is not that you are in great shape or look super buff, it is moving. My brother lucks out because he has access to public transportation which allows him to get a good walk in before and after work. I work at home most days (it is the rough life) and when I do go into the Graphicly office I have to drive for an hour and then park and walk about a block to the office. I long for decent public transport that would force me to walk.

Most people that I have met working at Graphicly or at other start-ups tend to be about the same shape. Skinny arms, skinny legs and a belly. This is because most of us spend out time sitting at computers for work and then go home and sit at another computer. This needs to stop. Not the constant computer use but the lack of physical exercise.

One of the developers at Graphicly plays soccer all the time. Every time I talk with him he mentions that he is sore because of soccer. He is certainly more hardcore then I am about exercise but he also lacks a gut so maybe soccer is the way to go.

Over the past 3 months I have lost about 7 lbs, which is pretty good. And that is just doing yoga and avoiding eating all of the crap that is so tasty and yet bad for you. I am looking at you soda!! The great part is that I have gained some muscle, which means I have more energy and my pants fit better. Win, win.

I am no fitness expert and I think I may have an easier time with exercise then others due to my years doing gymnastics and cheerleading but if you feel out of shape, out of energy and just kind of BLAH!! start an exercise program. Nothing to difficult. Just start walking more or find a class the interests you and go for it. Yoga is nice because it is non-competitive (which other fitness classes will claim but in truth you will feel like you are competing with others in class or at least being judged by them) and low impact. Another option for the people who don’t think yoga is right for them is Zumba, because who doesn’t like dancing.