Quick Update

Posted on Mar 24, 2011

This week has been pretty busy. Sarah is having nine gum grafts done tomorrow. She is super excited. In order to make sure that Sarah can rock out the healing we have been getting the house super clean so that she will relax and not worry about having a clean house. Because of this I have been cheating and using old drawings over at the Cadaver and will start putting new works back up soon, probably next week but it all depends on how Sarah’s recovery goes and how much time I have. Please send Sarah your happy thoughts, etc.

Harper, being a random present giver, gave me a three month membership to deviantArt, which should allow me one more place to display my drawings. Yipee.

Oh and Moshe… I lost your robot. I have a search party out looking but if anyone has seen him please let me know and tell him to come home.