I Have a New Love

Posted on Nov 16, 2010

And it is drawing. I am currently enrolled in an intermediate drawing class at Colorado State University and it has opened up a whole new spectrum in interest in drawing. Part of it is that this class consists of having fun while drawing. The teacher also believes that everything is drawing. This means that I have gotten away with spray painting and glittering a tire and it has been considered drawing. But what I have really enjoyed has been the actual drawing that I have done.

My first project was a series of ideas. Drawings of light bulbs representing different types of ideas, they were mounted over collages representing those ideas. Each piece was made to look like an award plaque I even made a bunch of fake engraved metal pieces to give the name of each idea, which I made up in fake Latin. I had a total of 9 drawings from Idea to Old Idea to Same Idea to No Idea. Here is one of them and the rest can be viewed on flickr.

The next project I made a 39 second animation clip that is meant to be viewed on a loop. I enjoyed making it but it was a lot of work.

The third piece was one that I didn’t work on very hard on. I didn’t like my concept or where the piece was going. I finished it and am not as proud of it as I am my other work this semester.

I am now working on the Dino-Roar images and I am really enjoying them. I was lucky enough to have my mother by me a 12 pack of Prismacolor Art Markers. I love them. They are so easy to use and lay down such nice colors. I was looking at possibly getting some more but they are so expensive. Then I found Dick Blick. They have such a good deal on the single colors that it is almost cheaper to order every color from them then by the full set anywhere else. As I want more colors I set up a handy dandy wish list on Dick Blick. If you feel like it buy me a color or two, your choice. The list is here.