At Times I Wish I Had A Teleporter

Posted on Nov 9, 2010

But we’ll get to that later.

I have once again re-designed You may have noticed. I scanned all of the “notes” I have taken this semester and made them into a digital collage to use as a background. All of the papers were from legal pads and I had quite a bit of fun. I also really liked the king-parrot doodle I did, so I made him larger then the rest.

Unfortunately due to credit card companies being butt-heads and myself not making enough money I am taking a year off from school. I am currently looking for work and also trying to make money in unusual ways. As these things come around I will try to post what they are here, though it might just be easier to follow me on twitter.

This semester has been quite a bit of fun. I will do a longer post later, but for now I have to say that I have found drawing to be a lot of fun. I enjoy mark making as you might be able to tell from my new design and this drawing class might as well be a sculpture class with my last project. To add to the awesomeness that has been this semester we have to talk about metalsmithing. Metals is both the most frustrating and the most rewarding art class I have taken. I have spent time pulling my hair out, hinges I am looking at you, and I have spent time jumping for joy, like when I pulled a certain sheep(I forgot to take an after shot so here is before) out of the tumbler.

I am attempting to give up the slurpees as they have become a gateway to soda drinking, which is a place I do not want to return. As such I am hoping that anyone who is sad that they didn’t buy me a soda can go ahead and buy me a comic book. As little as $3.29 will buy one comic book and I will do my best to get better at the thanking… maybe a cover shot of the comic you sponsored.

Well, here it is the teleporter talk. Thanks for waiting. In October Sarah and I went to Chicago to hang out with Harper and Hiromi. It was a load of fun and I got to meet a lot of neat people. Unfortunately all of these people live in Chicago, so I rarely get to see them anywhere but on the internet. We met Scott, Moshe, Freedom Dylan (more on that later), Sarah and a bunch of other people who were a lot of fun to hang out with. We juggled(Rated R for language), I made horrible jokes and read some poor kids mind in Wicker Park.

What does this have to do with a teleporter? I think that it would be fantastic if I could see these people whenever I wanter. Just pop into Chicago say hi and be home for dessert. It would be a lot more convenient then having to get on a plane to head that direction. Sarah and I have talked about moving that direction but alas that takes money and jobs and the like and we are running low on those at the moment. We will be there for X-mas so maybe we can see some of these people again.

That is all for the moment. There is a new feature in comments that lets you choose you avatar, check it out, use it, let’s see if it works. Hopefully I can update more in the future. Oh… if you have a job for someone who is awesome at a lot of stuff, hit me up ASAP.