An Interesting Vacation

Posted on Jun 26, 2010

Last week is the last of two weeks that I have had off from my other job. Needless to say Sarah and I where going to spend it blissfully finishing projects around the house and being awesome. Then we heard the big news… My Uncle Kevin was going to get a Kidney Transplant. This was shocking news because as far as we knew he needed a new kidney but was just starting to get added to the list. In fact he was added to the list two weeks ago and got really lucky.

My mom, who’s side of the family Kevin is from, decided she wanted to head to Alburquerque to visit. So off we went. Sarah and I drove with my mom to NM to provide our support as delicious meal cookers and errand runners. I would normally write all about this sort of thing and do my best to describe what we saw but luckily you don’t have to sit through that. What I will do instead is link to Sarah’s blog. She has been doing a photo a day of at and so instead of a thousand words you can just look at her pictures.

And here is the complete set of pictures on flickr.