Dental Hijinks

Today was the day. I spent a long time under the drill and the fixing of my mouth is just past halfway. Unfortunately the money is not quite there yet. So what we need to do is spread the word a little bit harder. Think of someone you know who really likes teeth, call them up and send them to me… I will be very thankful. Are you wondering what to get that person who has everything… Adopt a tooth in their name, they’ll love it. Well enough NPR fund raising back to the regularly scheduled blog.

The interesting thing about dentists is that people either love or hate them. Personally I am a big fan of dentists. Most of this comes from the fact that of all of the types of doctors in the world I have spent the biggest amount of time with dentists. Every dentist that I have worked with, I think there have been four, has been fairly nonjudgmental and seems to really want to help my teeth. Now it is entirely possible that they really just were nice to me because they want to buy a new boat or something and they realize that my mouth alone could help them on that journey.

I think the other factor that works in my favor when it comes to dentists is that I have had so much done to my mouth that I don’t stress out about getting work done.Shots, drilling, nothing bothers me. Not today but about a month ago when I started this adventure I actually fell asleep in the chair while the dentist was drilling. They only noticed because my jaw relaxed and my mouth started to close. That, my friend, is how you do the dentist.

You may be wondering how you can be this cool in the dentist’s chair. There are a few options to consider:

  1. Stop caring for your teeth so you can spend more time at the dentist and therefor become more relaxed. This method is not recommended though I can say with certainty that it works.
  2. Practice relaxing techniques while at the dentist. Pick a spot on the ceiling and breathe deeply and slowly through your nose. This will, hopefully, send you into a relaxed state that will allow you to enjoy your dental experiment. Well maybe not enjoy but at least tolerate.
  3. If those two don’t work I would suggest changing dentists. A lot of times you get used to how one dentist does things, even if you don’t like it. Find a newer, younger dentist as they usually have the cutting edge in techniques.

There you go, one tried and true method of enjoying the dentist and two that I just made up but sound pretty good. Remember, brush your teeth, it helps. And now you can adopt half of a tooth.

Tooth Adoption Options

Full Tooth $35.00

1/2 Tooth $17.50

1/5 Tooth $7.00

1/7 Tooth $5.00