Moving Right Along

Posted on Feb 16, 2010

Well as you may have noticed the tooth bar just keeps right on moving along. This is wonderful because it means that we are now almost halfway to Dylan having a nicer smile. Harper has adopted five teeth and is pretty excited about it. There has also been a single tooth adopted by Wilfried Schobeiri, so a big thanks goes out to him. There is one tooth that is 1/7th adopted and another that is 1/5 adopted, don’t let them just sit their without full adoption. I have talked to my dentist and he says that he cannot just fill a cavity 1/5 of the way. So help out. Seriously. To those of you that have donated, the promised email etc. will be sent off this week, had a few problems with photoshop and need to get the picture updated. Thanks to all that have donated and thanks to all of you that are going to donate. To those that are not going to donate… Shame of you, what did my mouth ever do to you?