28 Teeth That Need Your Help

Posted on Jan 19, 2010

The other day I went to the dentist. It wasn’t the most awesome check up but since it was the first one I have had since my wisdom teeth were pulled it wasn’t all that bad. In fact I wasn’t that surprised by what went down. I know that I have bad teeth . It is a fact that saddens me but on the same token is easily fixed. The problem is that I have really crappy enamel on the surfaces of my teeth. The rest of the tooth is fine, the enamel just gets eaten away which leads to cavities.

Here is the plan. It will cost approximately $976 to get my teeth fixed at the Colorado State University dentist. This is a much cheaper quote then I have received from other dentists so I am quite pleased. The problem is that with me being in school and Sarah being a public educator coming by the extra almost thousand dollars is a little bit of a stretch.

What can I, I single reader of dylanreed.com do to help out these poor teeth? Well, kind sir or lady, you can adopt a single tooth. For as little as $35 you can adopt an entire tooth and for a single $5 donation you will become part savior of a single tooth.

What do you get for your help? I will email you a copy of my mouth xray with your tooth circled, you will receive monthly updates on how my dental adventures are going until they are all fixed and a picture of me smiling when they are all fixed. All of this is delivered via the email address you provide when making your donation.

Is your donation tax deductable? Nope, sorry I am not an actual charity, though I promise to use all donations received through this post to fix my teeth. That means that I will not misappropriate them for video games or slurpees.

Any amount helps and will go towards my teeth.

Tooth Adoption Options

Full Tooth $35.00

1/2 Tooth $17.50

1/5 Tooth $7.00

1/7 Tooth $5.00