Plate = Full

Posted on May 1, 2009

Recently I decided to get busy. I don’t know if it was a conscious choice or if my sub-conscious is trying to kill me again. Here is a breakdown of what I have committed to doing over the next couple of months.

  1. DM my first Dungeons and Dragon adventure: The Arena of Dooooom!! Will be a gladiatorial arena style adventure. Levels 1-20 will be covered. Lots of creatures/NPC will need to be created. Should be easy-ish once I have everything made
  2. Painting Class: I have signed up for a painting class this summer. This will give me some nice credits for when I head to CSU next year for Art school. I am afraid of painting, always thought I wasn’t any good at it. We shall see.
  3. Dive Master: I also signed up to do my Dive Master training. This should be awesome as it will require a load of dives and a load of learning. The nice thing is that it will allow me to potentially work in the recreational SCUBA market.
  4. Work: I, of course, have to keep working.
  5. Get into CSU: By June the first I have to have my admissions crap into CSU. This means writing a kick-ass essay, filling out the app, giving them $50 and hoping that my essay counteracts my GPA at UNC.
  6. Take a Weaving Class: I am planning on taking a weaving class this summer. It wil either be at Lambspun in Fort Collins or I will learn from my sister in law. This should be fun, just time consuming.
  7. Finish the wood floors: We haven’t finished them yet and we need to.
  8. Go on a Cruise: Ok this one is awesome.
  9. Make and Sell Awesome Guys: I am hoping to make a bundle of Awesome Guys and sell them for a massive profit.
  10. Get in Shape: I am becoming a little bit of a fatty. I need to exercise and get buff again.

There you have the plate that is mine. A lot of this should be fun and very little of it should suck, but it is a lot. I was planning on having a nice semi relaxing summer, hanging out with Sarah and working. Alas, I made myself busy, so please buy me a SLURPEE.